Who are the Catalysts?

There are thousands of marketing professionals in the marketplace and even more salespeople. They’re not especially difficult to find.

But who are the candidates we refer to as the “Catalysts?” At MadisonGunn, we define a “catalyst” is someone who drives action…someone who accelerates and stimulates your business.

This is not a distinction that can be made on a resume or on a job board. These are professionals who are almost certainly already employed, as their impact is dramatic and obvious. They are passive candidates…diamonds in the rough or stars waiting to be discovered. To find them requires true head-hunting expertise, patience, and the ability to decisively identify and engage a catalyst when one is found.

Why the Catalysts Work with MadisonGunn

The catalysts that MadisonGunn seeks are ambitious and dynamic. We offer them an avenue to career advancement. Our clients are some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world. These catalysts, when paired with one of our clients, can experience a new level of mutually beneficial career satisfaction when these connections are made.

That connection – between catalyst and client – is the essence of MadisonGunn.

MadisonGunn caters to these high-level professionals and understands their unique needs and concerns. They appreciate a firm that is above the level of the resume mills and job boards. We attract top talent because of our attention to detail, our discretion and our judgment. We don’t waste their time with positions that are anything less than a perfect fit – this attention to detail benefits both the candidate and the client.

Instead, we offer truly tailored avenues toward career advancement and satisfaction. Most of all, these professionals recognize that the MadisonGunn team is comprised of sales and marketing professionals that share the same goals and aspirations – they are peers who understand the value of mutually beneficial relationships.